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Talk about an eye-opening book! 

Never considered how I was playing the game from such a limited perspective. This book applies to business and life... so much to think about. 


Remove Energy Blocks with EFT aka Tapping

What is holding you back from success? 

What are you resisting? 

Remember: What you resist persists.

Watch this brief video and learn a powerful, quick and effective way to release blocked energy that could be holding you back. 

I love this technique, and it totally works!

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Breaking Limiting Beliefs

I know you don't know, but if you did, what would it be?

This is one of my favorite questions to ask someone, to help them get unstuck, or to challenge them to dig a little deeper. Could there be something holding you back from success? Could it be the stories you're telling yourself, or things you're thinking about your abilities that are keeping you from reaching your goals? 

This picture represents things that we were 'told' or lead to believe by the parents and other influential adults in our lives, especially when we were kids. This is how you created the stories in your mind about who you are, what you are or are not good at, and what you are capable of. Some of these stories may be true, but many are not. They have become beliefs because you've heard them over and over in your mind for years. 

These stories can sound like: 

  • I'm not smart enough to run my own business. 
  • I'm not good at math.
  • I'll never amount to anything.
  • I'm not good with money.
  • I have a hard time talking to people.
  • No one likes me, I don't have any friends.

If this is the kind of self-talk you have going on in your head, it's time to challenge these negative beliefs, and break the pattern. When a negative thought about yourself comes to mind, ask yourself: Is this really true? Is there any proof? Who or what made me believe this about myself? Would you say this to a small child? 

Deconstruct how you came to believe something so destructive about yourself. If you find that there really is no proof, and that it's actually not true, rewrite what you WANT to believe about yourself, and create some empowering statements to retrain and rewire your brain. 

Affirmations, journaling and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, aka tapping) can help break the limiting beliefs and help you take charge of your thoughts. Also, using a drop of Patchouli Essential Oil on top of your head will help break the attachment to the old belief. 

You don't have to stay on auto-pilot, letting the negative thoughts continue to control your thinking and actions.  Maybe you didn't have a choice when you were a child, but as an adult, it's your responsibility to take charge of your mental and emotional health. 

And it is so freeing when you do.